Gate automation – Which electric gate drive to choose?

The entrance gate is an extremely important element of the fence. When we decide whether to choose a double-leaf, sliding or telescopic gate. We will have to choose an appropriate electric drive for it.

There is probably no need to mention to anyone the advantages of remotely opening the gate with a remote control, when without leaving the warm car, we can get out of it in the garage with dry feet and a dry head.

The drive to the gate requires a power connection. Therefore, already at the stage of building a house and laying cobblestones, it is worth thinking about bringing the wiring to the gate and the fence gate (under the intercom, electric strike, etc.).

What determines the choice of an electric drive for the gate?

When we have to choose an electric gate drive, we should consider some important factors:

1) The number of opening and closing cycles of the gate.
2) Gate weight – actuators should be selected so that they do not work at the maximum load given by the manufacturer of the drive. This will certainly have a positive effect on their lifespan.
3) The width of the gate leaf.

Producers of electric drives for Gates

There are many companies that manufacture gate drives. It can be said that Italian companies are excellent in this industry. Our company GlobFence recommends drives from the Italian brand BFT and the excellent Tousek.

When installing the gate drive, it is worth to rely on the knowledge and experience of a qualified electrician. Some drive manufacturers exclude warranty protection when the automation has not been installed by an authorized person. In addition, we can be sure that the gate will operate smoothly and without failure.

GlobFence – we focus on verified gate drives

If you want to be sure that the fence of your property will be equipped with a gate with an appropriate electric drive, please contact us. We have many years of experience on the market and we have had the opportunity to test quite a large number of drives. We will help you choose the right drive for the gate, and we will also offer individual solutions for fencing your property. Don’t be shy and tell us what idea you have for your front fence.

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