Front fence in accordance with the law

There is no doubt that each plot of land should be fenced. The fencing of the plot, in addition to improving security, also sets its boundaries. The provisions regarding the erection of the fence are specified in the Building Law Act, the Spatial Planning and Development Act and local legal acts such as the local spatial development plan. The Building Law Act includes the fence in the group of construction devices, defined as “a technical device related to the facility and ensuring the possibility of using it in accordance with its intended purpose”.

Front fencing regulations in Poland

The regulations regarding the build of fences are not restrictive, but it is worth getting to know them in order not to make mistakes that may result in the need to disassemble the fence or even a fine. Here are the most important of them:

– A fence can only be erected on a plot to which one has the right to administer for construction purposes. On the other hand, placing a fence on the border of plots requires the consent of the neighbour.

– The fence must be safe and must not pose a threat to people and animals.

– The requirement to report the build of a fence to the architecture and construction department applies to fences over 2.2 m high and fences of buildings entered in the register of monuments.

– The required minimum width of the gate and the fence gate must be maintained, the minimum required width of the gate is 2.4 m and the width of the gate is 0.9 m, importantly, the leaves of the gate and the gate must open to the inside of the plot.

– Fences up to 1.8 m high may not be terminated with sharp metal elements, barbed wire or broken glass.

– Compliance with the provisions of the local spatial development plan.

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