Repair service for sports field fences – ball catchers

A few weeks ago, we prepared a quote for repairing the fence of a sports field in one of the schools in Wielkopolska. The on-site inspection of the facility prompted us to write this article. Unfortunately, the example is not an isolated one, it was rather a pretext to raise an important topic.

In our daily work, we come across many projects made by various design companies from different parts of Poland. Our task is to “take out” the data from the project and, on this basis, prepare the calculation of the fence, and then its implementation.

Examples of incorrectly made sports field fen ces

Going back to our example, looking at the photographic documentation. You can see that 3D panels were used for the fence of the sports field (including the ball catch). The photos show the effects of strong ball hits – the bars of the panels parted and cracked.

In addition, the 3D panels used are of very low quality, they rust in the places where the rods are welded and the paint coating peels off.

Why are 3D fences not suitable as fences for sports fields?

From many years of practice, we know that 3D panels cannot be used for fencing sports fields, where the fencing is exposed to high vibrations and intense ball hits. The 3D panel is made of 4 or 5 mm wire and reinforced on one side with a horizontal wire.

We are convinced that if good quality 2D panels were used, i.e. panels reinforced on both sides with a horizontal wire. The situation shown in the photos would not have happened, and the facility would serve its users for many more years.

The effect of bad implementation with the aluminum construction of the sports fence

Another example is the ball catch, which has been designed in an aluminum construction. The high, light structure of the poles was too heavily loaded with a polypropylene mesh with a thick weave and a small mesh. During intense gusts of wind, which have been happening more and more often recently, the netting acted like a sail, the effect of which can be seen in the photographs.

The selection of a net with a thinner weave and a larger mesh, in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of aluminum ball catcher would certainly prevent this event.

Take advantage of the professional assembly service of sports field fences

Sports facilities, including playing fields, are intended to popularize sport and active leisure for children, youth and adults. In recent years, many pitches have been built in every commune, in almost every village, and it is a great initiative. It is a pity that objects that cost a lot of money are often designed and made of materials that are incompatible with their intended use, and design errors are repeated.

We do not want to criticize the designers, we respect their work and always try to meet the design requirements. We would just like to invite them to consult and talk with contractors.

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