Impregnacja bloczków betonowych

Impregnation of fences made of concrete blocks

Why is it worth to take care of a concrete fence? Each building made of concrete, including fencing, requires proper care. Its aim is to avoid cracks in the concrete and, in the case of fences, the formation of limestone efflorescence. Lime efflorescence is the result of the natural process of leaching excess lime from...

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Privacy screens for panel fences

Privacy screens for panel fences – cover your privacy Discover the practical and aesthetic solution addressed to residents of private properties whose houses are located in close proximity to streets with heavy traffic or people who want to partially or completely cut themselves off from the outside world. Panel fencing privacy screens effectively solve these...

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Telescopic sliding gate – advantages and uses

Telescopic sliding gate – where is it best to use? Are you wondering when and where the telescopic gate will be the best choice? Imagine that there is a very short or steep driveway in front of your house. In this case, it is difficult to choose a swing gate. In such a situation, the...

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2D R FIT R + K panel system by LEGI Polska

Characteristics of the 2D R-fit R+K panel system from Legi Polska We would like to devote this post to prezent one of the 2D panel fencing systems of our supplier LEGI Polska. The R FIT R+K panel fencing system is a characteristic, extremely aesthetic and distinctive 2D panel fencing system. The manufacturer distinguishes three main...

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Konserwacja ogrodzeń, bram i furtek zimą

How to prepare gates and wickets for winter?

How to protect gates and wickets for the winter? Modern fences are basically maintenance-free, and a good anti-corrosion protection protects them from the adverse effects of weather conditions. However, in order for the movable elements of the fence, such as gates or wickets, to work without any problems, you should remember a few things. You...

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Ogrodzenie gabion GlobFence

Gabion fence – what is it and how to make it?

What is a Gabion Fence? Origin and meaning of the word GABION GABION – from the Italian “gabbione”, that is a large cage, an element strengthening the earth embankment or slope, which also serves as flood protection. That’s what the dictionary says. However, a gabion – gabion basket, has a much larger and wider application,...

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Jak wybrać odpowiednią bramę wjazdową?

How to choose the right entrance gate?

What to consider when choosing the entrance gate? Entrance gate to the main element of the fence. It is not only a large part of it, but also functionally important. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the choice of the gate complements its functional essence. A comfortable and well-chosen entrance gate should be at...

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Wybór wykonawcy ogrodzeń

Fence installation by a professional company

How to pick the right fence contractor We often experience the surprise of our customers when we present the full range of fencing assembly services provided. The reason for this surprise is the highly professional service we offer in this area, as well as the fact that few companies have such a reliable and comprehensive...

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Jaki kolor ogrodzenia wybrać?

Choosing the color of the fence

What color of the fence should you choose? The color of the fence is sometimes as important as the fence itself, its pattern or type. A well-chosen color will emphasize the aesthetic values, while an unfavorable combination of colors can prevent this visual effect. So what to consider when choosing the color of the fence?...

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Ogrodzenie posesji - siatka czy panel ogrodzeniowy?
Property fences – Woven mesh or fence panel?

Property fences – Woven mesh or fence panel?

Property fencing – To choose a woven mesh or a fencing panel? When building a house or thinking about the fence of a purchased plot, we most often have to decide between a woven mesh fence or a fence panel system. Most often, when we think about a fence, we decide at the beginning to...

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