2D and 3D panel fences

We offer a wide selection of panel fences. Fence panels are a quick to install and qualitatively very good fencing system. Thanks to the use of ready-made elements, panel fences are very quick to install. Due to the availability of panel modules in various designs and models, they can be used to obtain a whole range of functional and aesthetic effects. A large part of the offer is available “on the spot”. It is also possible to purchase a selected panel fence without assembly. The structure of the fencing span includes a panel made of steel wires, steel posts, post caps, clamps, stainless steel fasteners and, at the customer’s request, a foundation in the chosen style.

The entire steel structure is galvanized and powder coated, thanks to which it is protected against corrosion. Panel fences are available in a very wide range of colors. Thanks to the powder coating applied to the steel elements of panel fences, we obtain a very attractive, even surface, which, thanks to the applied paint, is additionally protected against weather conditions, chemical factors and the action of variable temperatures. The entire structure is completed by wickets, sliding or swing gates. This fencing system gives many possibilities of arranging the composition, it is also currently the most popular fencing system among our customers.

The use of panel fences

Panel fences are widely used to secure both private property borders as well as companies, warehouses, sports and industrial facilities. Aesthetic workmanship, durability, safety – these arguments speak for choosing panel fences. In GlobFence, this type of fences comes in two versions, which are described below.

Types of panel fences

2D panel fencing

The fencing spans, which include 2D panels, are available in a wide range of designs and colors, and are protected against corrosion with hot-dip galvanized and polyester coating.

The minimum height of the panel is 0.63 m and the maximum height is 2.43 m. The available wire diameters are 6/5/6 mm, 7/5/7 mm and 8/6/8. The colors available in the standard offer are anthracite RAL7016, green RAL6005.
A popular 2D panel fencing system is the R-fit system, which is characterized by the use of a clamping profile, which allows you to hide panels fixed with an overlap. The connecting element is an aesthetic hood. The system is distinguished by exceptional stability as the connecting elements are located along the entire length of the pole.

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3D panel fencing

Protected against corrosion with hot-dip galvanized and polyester coating, the 3D effect is obtained by embossing in the panel structure.

The system is characterized by high resistance, functionality, aesthetic values and a relatively low price. The minimum height of the panel is 1.03 m and the maximum height is 2.03 m. The available wire diameters are 4 mm and 5 mm. The colors available in the standard offer are anthracite RAL7016, green RAL6005 and black RAL9005. We are a distributor of Betafence – the world’s largest producer of fencing systems

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Why is it worth choosing panel fencing from GlobFence?
Spot welded fence rods
Corrosion protection of the fence
Suitable horizontal and vertical endings

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