Fences for home and business

Professional fencing systems

Front fences

Functional solutions to emphasize the character of the building.

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Panel fences

Aesthetic, durable and safe panel fencing of the highest quality.

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Gates and wickets

Made to order, designed to be a perfect addition for every fence.

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Bramy, furtki, ogrodzenia - Producent z Wielkopolski
Why choose GlobFence?

& Experience

Our services are characterized by a high level of both customer service and the quality of the materials used. Many years of presence on the market allowed us to gain the trust of customers whose satisfaction is the most important for us. That is why we only work with reputable fencing manufacturers, both domestic and foreign.

BFT - Automatyka do bram, napędy do bram, automatyzacja ogrodzeń
Tousek - Napędy i automatyka do bram
Betafence - Producent ogrodzeń i siatek
KostBet - Producent nowoczesnej kostki brukowej
Locinox - Wyposażenie i sprzęt do bram i furtek
Legi - Producent ogrodzeń systemowych
Sample projects

We comprehensively manufacture fences for private and corporate facilities

Our services

Comprehensive construction of fences

Preparing the project

We deal with comprehensive preparation of fencing designs. We select materials, visualize and build fences.

Installation of fences

We have specialized assembly and construction teams dealing with the complete the building of fences.

Installation of gates and wickets

Each fence requires a finishing touch, it can be a gate or a wicket, which is also not a problem for us.

About us


Many years of experience and acquired technical knowledge have allowed us to create a comprehensive commercial offer: from design and assembly to service and maintenance.


Our fences and other projects


What makes us better?


Highest protection

Durable fences and gates thanks to anti-corrosive protective coatings and finishings.


Professional support

Qualified staff provides support at every stage of implementation.


Favorable terms

Comprehensive service implementation allows you to optimize costs.

Get in touch

Use the form below to get a quick quote for your project. If you do not have a project, please contact us describing the planned investment.

News & Articles

Knowledge base

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience, making our clients’ lives easier. Check the current guides!

Frequently Asked Questions
How to get an offer?

In order to obtain an offer, we recommend using the contact form available on the website. We respond to inquiries sent within 24 hours.

Do I need a project?

No. As part of the services provided, a comprehensive fencing construction, we also provide fencing design services, also made of custom-made elements.

What does delivery and assembly look like?

Comprehensively implementing the fence, we make an appointment with the client for specific conditions and dates. Transport and assembly are then included in the scope of our services.

What fences do you specialize in?

Our offer includes only elements of fences and fencing in which we are specialists. All these types of fences are made professionally and reliably.

Can I come to the office?

In the case of a stationary visit, please make an appointment by phone or e-mail for a specific time in advance. Please also observe the sanitary standards.

What is included in the price?

Typically, the fencing service covers all costs that the customer incurs, subject to prior arrangements. Our services have no hidden costs.

Are the fences under warranty?

Yes, all fences in our offer are products of the highest quality, from reputable manufacturers. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, from 3 to 7 years, we also provide our own, for the fence made.

Do you provide company discounts?

In the case of investments for companies and enterprises, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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