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Which fence to choose for the front of the property? GlobFence offers

The fencing of the front of the property is usually the last stage and the culmination of works related to the construction of a residential building. At the same time, it is the first element noticed by people visiting the property residents and passers-by.

The expectations of the owners are different. One thing is that the fence should only separate the property from the street. Others, on the other hand, want to completely separate themselves from the hustle and bustle of the street and give their property privacy. Still others, on the contrary, want to boast about a beautiful property, e.g. a garden or a house facade.

Often the determining factor in choosing a front fence is its price. It is not surprising. Very often, the front fence is one of the last expenses allocated to building your home. Then the investor’s financial resources are very limited or even strained. In this post, we will try to help those who are faced with such a choice.

Panel fence – an interesting fence for the property

Panel fences are perfect for the front of the property. It has been assumed that they are only used to fence the sides or the back of the property. However, it doesn’t have to be that way if we add a few more details. We will then create a very interesting and aesthetic solution, in an attractive price variant.

One of the proposals is the use of the R-fit system. A characteristic feature of the system is the installation of 2D panels from the front of the post and the use of a masking strip. The whole thing gives us a very aesthetic and durable type of fence. More about the R-fit system can be found in the entry by clicking HERE.

Ogrodzenie panelowe Globfence - realizacja

Another way to distinguish the panel system at the front of the property is to use decorative panels, such as “wave” type.

Ogrodzenie panelowe Globfence - realizacja 2

Shutter fencing – privacy protection

By choosing a “shutter” type fence, we can be sure that no curious eyes will enter the property. A fence in the form of a shutter looks good on single steel posts as well as on a wall made of concrete blocks.

It is also possible to separate the spans with gabion baskets. This solution allows the entrance gate and the wicket to be also filled with a shutter.

There are many ideas and possibilities. It is not a cheap type of fence, but a fence is an investment for many years, so it is worth meeting our expectations and just enjoying it.

Ogrodzenie posesji typu żaluzja Globfence

Fence made of horizontal or vertical profiles – a palisade fence

A fence made of horizontal or vertical profiles, also known as a palisade fence, is currently the most popular type of fence chosen at the front of the property. The distribution of profiles can be horizontal, vertical, oblique, profile density from a few to several centimeters. Wider or narrower profiles. The field to show off is practically unlimited.

A great advantage is the choice of colors. We can choose different shades of gray and brown, only the RAL palette limits us. The palisade fence can be set on concrete walls, on steel poles or separated with gabion baskets.

Ogrodzenie z profili pionowych Globfence
Ogrodzenie z profili poziomych Globfence

Gabion fencing – the original form

Anyone who wants to distinguish their property, have something special, be close to nature should be interested in a gabion fence. Gabion baskets can be used to create a uniform wall, and they can also act as a separation of panel, shutter or palisade spans.

The gabion basket can be filled with various materials and even highlighted. One type of filling material can be used and can be combined to create patterns and mosaics. You can find out more about gabions from the entry available by clicking HERE.

Realizacja ogrodzenie gabionowe Globfence

Front fencing offer GlobFence

If you do not know what front fence to choose, but you want a solid and aesthetic execution, please contact us. We will show you hundreds of our projects. Maybe one of them will inspire you to choose a front fence from GlobFence. Take advantage of our many years of experience. Here you will find an interesting front fence for every budget. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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