Privacy screens for panel fences – cover your privacy

Discover the practical and aesthetic solution addressed to residents of private properties whose houses are located in close proximity to streets with heavy traffic or people who want to partially or completely cut themselves off from the outside world. Panel fencing privacy screens effectively solve these types of problems, allowing the household members to enjoy the carefree life in the area of their property.

In the case of front fences, already at the design stage, it is possible to provide for a denser distribution of profiles or the use of an opaque “shutter”. However, in the case of fencing made of 2D or 3D panels, you have to deal with it in a different way.

The most popular solution are screens for panel fences. They can be used along the entire length of the fence or only in a fragment by separating a zone, e.g. a play corner for children or a place for shared feasts under the cloud with your loved ones. Find out about the most popular shutter types chosen by GlobFence customers.

PVC roller privacy screens

Roller privacy screens made of PVC for horizontal interlacing through the mesh of the panel fencing span. The interleaving can be done without missing any mesh or used every other. This is undoubtedly the most economically advantageous option to achieve the desired effect.

Privacy screens by composite board

Vertically mounted privacy screens made by composite boards. The great advantage of these shutters is the easy installation, aesthetic, natural look and the fact that they do not require subsequent maintenance.

Bekafor Collfort privacy screens

Bekafor Collfort privacy screens made of impregnated Nordic pine, installed vertically. Customers appreciate the natural appearance of the shutters, harmonizing with the surroundings and the ease of installation.

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