Impregnacja bloczków betonowych

Why is it worth to take care of a concrete fence?

Each building made of concrete, including fencing, requires proper care. Its aim is to avoid cracks in the concrete and, in the case of fences, the formation of limestone efflorescence. Lime efflorescence is the result of the natural process of leaching excess lime from the concrete mix. With our guide, you will learn why it is worth to take care of a concrete fence and how to do it properly.

Impregnacja ogrodzenia z bloczków betonowych

When and how to impregnate a fence made of concrete blocks?

It is not recommended to impregnate immediately after building the blocks. Time should be allowed for the concrete to evaporate from the water, and the blocks and fencing roofs to automatically rinse off the excess lime.

It is best for the concrete fence to “winter” until the next year. When impregnating a concrete fence, we recommend that you monitor the weather conditions. Professionals with many years of experience repeat with one voice that impregnation should be carried out at positive temperatures. Thus, the best time of the year for this type of task is spring and summer.

The impregnated fence must be thoroughly cleaned. This is best done with a pressure washer and then dried properly. Positive temperature is one thing, but we advise you to impregnate on days without too much sun. Thanks to this, the impregnation will slowly dry out, and will not be burned out by the sun.

You can use a brush or a paint roller to spread the impregnation on the fence, and in the case of a large area, you can consider using a paint unit.

ogrodzenie z bloczków betonowych globfence

How to extend the life of a concrete block fence?

Regular care and impregnation of the concrete fence significantly extends its life. It secures the fence against dirt, rain and snow. In case of using an impregnation with a coloring pigment, it refreshes and intensifies the color of the wall.

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ogrodzenie z bloczków betonowych

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