Telescopic sliding gate – where is it best to use?

Are you wondering when and where the telescopic gate will be the best choice? Imagine that there is a very short or steep driveway in front of your house. In this case, it is difficult to choose a swing gate. In such a situation, the telescopic sliding gate seems to be the best solution. Undoubtedly, the choice of a telescopic gate also seems to be very attractive in terms of visual reception, and you will find out about its impeccable usability during use.

The structure of the telescopic sliding gate

The structure of the telescopic gate consists of two or more modular wings, and the way it works is similar to a telescope – when the wings are closed, they move one after the other. The telescopic gate, like the sliding gate, can slide on a rail or as a self-supporting structure thanks to the use of a counterweight.

In the case of a telescopic gate on a rail, we gain the possibility of using a larger entry light due to the lack of a large counterweight and we obtain greater possibilities of using profiles and fillings than in the case of a self-supporting gate.

The downside to the solution of the gate on the rail is the construction of the foundation along the entire length of the gate operation, i.e. the closing line of all leaves and their opening line. This is to stabilize the entire structure in case of severe frost, which may cause the ground to be partially pushed up and the running rail undulated. This may lead to damage to the door structure during its operation. In this case, there is also a greater need to take care of the gate operating facilities so that the rail on which the telescopic gate runs is clean and free of ice.

The videos attached below show the operation of the telescopic gate on a rail with an automatic drive:

Self-supporting telescopic gate

The self-supporting telescopic gate requires a more precise adjustment of the entrance light to the existing space needed for its complete opening.

The video below shows the operation of a self-supporting telescopic gate with an automatic drive:

Advantages of telescopic Gates

Telescopic gates have a very fast opening time. Almost twice as fast as a self-supporting gate of the same length. The larger the self-supporting gate, the lighter the structure should be. Therefore, it is recommended that these doors be made of aluminum.

Telescopic gates price – how much does it cost?

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