Jak wybrać odpowiednią bramę wjazdową?

What to consider when choosing the entrance gate?

Entrance gate to the main element of the fence. It is not only a large part of it, but also functionally important. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the choice of the gate complements its functional essence. A comfortable and well-chosen entrance gate should be at least 4 meters wide in the light, i.e. the maximum opening. The most common factor determining the choice of a gate is the amount of space we have at our disposal.

Which gate to choose? Double-leaf or sliding?

Entrance gates in the basic line we divide into double-leaf and sliding.

When deciding on the choice of a sliding gate, you should take into account that in addition to the clear width of the gate, it is also necessary to provide the so-called “counterweight” of about 40% of the gate size (the so-called “tail” of the gate). Therefore, it is a variant that requires securing the appropriate length of the fence in the immediate vicinity of the gate.

Both options, both a double-leaf gate and a self-supporting gate, allow for the installation of an automatic gate opening device. It should be noted, however, that in the case of a double-leaf gate, the cost of gate automation will be higher, as for obvious reasons it is necessary to install 2 separate actuators (one for each gate leaf). In some cases, where there is no room for a counterbalance mechanism, a telescopic sliding gate (self-supporting or on a rail) is a good solution. & Nbsp;

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