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How to pick the right fence contractor

We often experience the surprise of our customers when we present the full range of fencing assembly services provided. The reason for this surprise is the highly professional service we offer in this area, as well as the fact that few companies have such a reliable and comprehensive approach to the services provided. We are extremely pleased that customers appreciate our effort and simply professional and reliable knowledge supported by experience, which in our case translates directly into the level of services provided. However, we are still worried about the scale of shortcomings and professional contractors, after which we sometimes constantly “correct” failed projects. Although, in fact, most often corrections mean working from scratch. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a responsible service provider. A company that provides the service comprehensively and responsibly
Installation of a fence – what to look for when choosing a service provider

Installation of a fence – what to look for when choosing a service provider

For comparison, we would like to present the full range of fencing assembly services that we provide at Globfence, and at the same time draw attention to the key elements of the offer, which are of great importance for the quality of the service provided. When choosing a service provider, pay attention to the following aspects of the offer. With this list, you will avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and financial losses.

Fence assembly by GlobFence – basic elements of a professional offer:

use of certified materials (only certified raw materials from industry leaders, proven suppliers)

use of concrete from a concrete plant (prepared in appropriate conditions from appropriate components, which affects the durability and physical properties of the binder)

teams equipped with professional equipment and power tools (specialized instrumentation dedicated to specific tasks, precise and accurate work based on modern equipment)

trained and experienced editors (only professionals, professionals you can trust, people who know what they do)

comprehensive operation (dismantling of the existing – old fence, installation of the fence, tidying up the area after finishing work)

legally employed employees (a transparent company that respects its employees and the system in which it operates, socially responsible business)

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