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What is a Gabion Fence? Origin and meaning of the word GABION

GABION – from the Italian “gabbione”, that is a large cage, an element strengthening the earth embankment or slope, which also serves as flood protection. That’s what the dictionary says. However, a gabion – gabion basket, has a much larger and wider application, such as: fences, pots, benches, fireplaces. They can be combined, stacked, which gives a lot of room for maneuver.

And what a gabion fence is? The aforementioned cage can be filled with any rock material, for example: split sandstone, field stones, limestone, granite cubes, and even brick remnants, colored concrete and recycled glass. Gabion fencing allows you to activate the flow of imagination and create a unique structure.

How to make a gabion fence and trends with its filling

The most popular way of filling a gabion basket is undoubtedly the decorative stone. Neat pebbles, slates, fieldstones in regular shapes; or a variety of blends: white, in shades of gray – the choice is wide. However, in addition to the popular stone, other solutions are more and more often found, e.g. recycled broken glass or wood. If we add in backlight with a LED strip and twilight sensor, the whole thing will make the gabion discreetly illuminate the property in the evening time, and it will look exceptional.

What to look for with choosing a gabion for your property or garden?

  • The holes size in the gabion mesh, too large mesh will cause that small stones can fall out of it.
  • Make sure the gabion mesh is galvanized to avoid corrosion.
  • The rigidity and stability of the structure is also very important.

Gabion is a structure that will serve for many years, so it is worth to invest in a good material. All our gabion baskets are galvanized, vertical gabion meshes have holes of 50×200 mm and are made of 6 and 8 mm thick wire. Thanks to the use of distance wires with connect vertical meshes, they are a stable and rigid structure.

How much does the gabion fence cost?

The cost of a gabion fence depends mostly on the choice of its filling. There will be a difference in valuable when you buy colored aggregate, imported specifically on request, and another will be using your own, old brick or recycled glass.

Contact us and make a quote or a gabion cage. We are a competed company which produces modern and professional fencing systems. We offer help in choosing the best solutions that will make a beautiful, durable and affordable fence in front of your home, office or other building created by Globfence company.

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