Ogrodzenie posesji - siatka czy panel ogrodzeniowy?

Property fencing – To choose a woven mesh or a fencing panel?

When building a house or thinking about the fence of a purchased plot, we most often have to decide between a woven mesh fence or a fence panel system. Most often, when we think about a fence, we decide at the beginning to use a mesh fence, thinking that it is the cheapest and most durable form, but it is a mistake. The generally accepted opinion that a woven mesh fence is a cheaper solution is most often wrong. Overall, especially with the large size of the fenced area, the prices of mesh fences are comparable to those of panel fences. On the other hand, the prices of mesh fences will often be higher than those of panel fencing in the long term overall.

The myth of woven mesh as the cheapest fence

If there is any doubt between the choice of a woven mesh fence and a panel fence, we advise our clients on the choice of panels. Why? Because the prices are really comparable – when it comes to the cost of erecting the fence, while the costs of replacing any damaged parts of the fence are incomparably cheaper in the case of fence panels. Similarly, when it comes to the durability of the fence, fencing panels are by far the best and most durable choice for building a new fence. Woven mesh is definitely a less durable solution that often deforms over time. The durability of such a fence can be strained not only by domestic animals, but also by local game. We also have to take into account frequent random accidents, such as a fall of a tree or a car hit, contrary to appearances, these are not very rare situations. A mesh fence that has been mechanically damaged is replaced most often over a distance, at best a few meters. In the case of a fence made of panels, only the damaged span, i.e. the damaged panel, is replaced.

A very important factor in the price is the fact that the choice of woven mesh requires the use of more assembly accessories (supports on the sides, prestressing wires, etc.), which makes the entire system very close to the panel system in terms of price.

Functional and modern property fencing

Fence panels are characterized by very high aesthetics, much higher than in the case of mesh fencing. An additional advantage for panel fences is their durability, as well as the possibility of using shutters limiting the visibility of the property from the outside. Unfortunately, in the case of a mesh fence, it is not possible to use this type of elements. A very important aspect is also the wide range of colors in which the fencing panels are present, which is another advantage point for this fencing system.

If we want a harmonious and aesthetic fence layout, it is also worth paying attention to the fact that in this case a much better composition with fence elements, such as gates and wickets, is given by a panel fence. Here we have the possibility of using various solutions when it comes to the post and the method of assembly (for clamps, stirrups).

Taking into account all the above differences and the characteristics of fencing systems, we strongly advise you to choose fencing panels each time. Thanks to the choice of panel fencing, we gain a durable, highly aesthetic solution, which we can additionally personalize with a wide range of colors, patterns and modules. We also gain a total cost similar to a mesh fence.

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