Jaki kolor ogrodzenia wybrać?

What color of the fence should you choose?

The color of the fence is sometimes as important as the fence itself, its pattern or type. A well-chosen color will emphasize the aesthetic values, while an unfavorable combination of colors can prevent this visual effect. So what to consider when choosing the color of the fence? The safest, of course, is the color of our house and the functional elements associated with it. It is worth integrating the colors of the fence into the existing buildings, which will create a consistent color line and save us the effect of the so-called “Mish-mash”. When choosing the color of the fence, pay attention to the color of the window joinery, the color of the window sills, the color of the roof and the color of the garage door. Ideally, all these elements complement each other harmoniously in the color line. If not, it is worth referring to one of the dominant shades.

Current trends in the colors of fences and fences

Currently, the most popular shades of gray (RAL7016, 7006) and brown (RAL 8017).

It is a very safe color scheme that perfectly complements the arrangement of the building. Elegant and simple color solutions harmonize well with any arrangement of home gardens, green areas or line of buildings.

The selection of the desired color of the fence is certainly facilitated by the wide range of RAL colors. Currently, it is possible to powder-paint the fence in virtually any selected color. So you can easily compose even the most extravagant color compositions.


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