Characteristics of the 2D R-fit R+K panel system from Legi Polska

We would like to devote this post to prezent one of the 2D panel fencing systems of our supplier LEGI Polska. The R FIT R+K panel fencing system is a characteristic, extremely aesthetic and distinctive 2D panel fencing system.The manufacturer distinguishes three main advantages of the system he created. The first is safety and protection, then aesthetics and durability, and finally ease and speed of installation. Meet the R FIT R+K panel fencing system from Legi Polska.

Charakterystyka systemu panelowego 2D R Fit R+K od Legi Polska

The essence of the R FIT R + K panel system is hanging fencing panels on posts equipped with welded overlapping hooks and masking with a special pressure profile. Additionally, the profiles are covered at the top with a special plug made of aluminum.

Finally, everything is screwed together with one screw and a counter washer, combined with the end cap and hidden inside the post. Another advantage of the system is the possibility of stepping every 5 cm. This is extremely important when the height of the terrain is very different.

Safe, durable, aesthetic fences in the 2D panel system

When you choose the R FIT R+K panel system, you get safety, protection, durability and aesthetics. The elements are perfectly matched to each other, which ensures quick and easy installation. The R FIT R+K system from Legi Polska is made of the highest quality materials protected against corrosion in a full hot dip galvanization.

The system is available in heights from 0.63 m to 2.43 m, in standard colors: green RAL6005 or RAL6009, anthracite RAL7016, or for an additional fee in the following colors: white RAL9010, black RAL9005, gray RAL7023 or RAL7030, brown RAL8014 and even blue RAL5010 or red RAL3000.

Installation of the R FIT R+K system from LEGI Polska in 4 steps

Find out about the fast and easy way to install the 2D R FIT R+K panel system from Legi Polska. Thanks to the equipment of the posts with hooks for hanging the panels and the use of only one mounting screw, the fencing with the R FIT R + K system is extremely easy to install. You can go ahead and try to install it even by only one person.

1) Positioning and fastening the posts.
2) Suspending the panels on the posts (5 cm overlap).
3) Establishing a KR profile.
4) Screwing the KP profile with the post using a fastening set.

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